What Is Intentional Creativity?

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Intentional Creativity is a philosophy developed by Shiloh Sophia and her creative lineage: her mother Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellers, and Lenore Strauss, as a way of accessing personal content using inquiry, guided imagery meditation, journaling, and a 13 step painting process to enable women to impact their lives and the world around them by bringing into form what they are meant to cause and create.  It is a path of creative and cosmic awakening leading to a fuller, richer, life.

My Philosophy of Intentional Creativity

“To live life as a creative being is to choose to be self expressed (without permission or apology)” – Shiloh Sophia

The statement above by the Maestra sums up Intentional Creativity for me. We are all born creative. It is part of who we are as human beings. Most of us are either told or come to believe otherwise. So we submerge our creativity at the expense of our wholeness and health. Intentional Creativity helps us to remember and recognize our inherent creativeness and re-orient it from the basement to the forefront of our lives.

Intentional Creativity as a process helps us look inward to access new information that emerges from our depths through our heart via artwork which can heal and transform our lives and help us discover what we are called to cause and create in the world.

The “magic” of Intentional Creativity occurs in the shift of energy from inside to outside ourselves. As we dive deep to recover lost information we give it form on the canvas in the creation of images, symbols, colors, and design. The movement of the information from darkness to light allows space for new possibility to form. In this way we are healed and made whole and find new stories to tell with our lives.