Visionary “Soul Fire” Tending the Nest

Soul Fire Message

Here is her message to me: “You worry too much about outward appearances.  Sure you are older, fatter, grayer, slower but look at you!!  You are also integrated, whole in yourself, beholding to none.  You are wise from life experience – look, you have the scars, wrinkles and gray hairs to prove it.  You have been initiated into the Shaman Sisterhood.  you care about the babies in the nest.  you are alive and vibrant in heart.  I have never seen anyone as resilient as you are.  You will not give up, or give in, or give way when you are inspired.  you vibrate with power and energy and have a great and compassionate heart beneath your gruff exterior.  You are ready to take flight into new horizons so never sell yourself short.  You have an inexhaustible source of energy, ideas, and wisdom to teach and share with others,  You sparkle!  you shine!  you resonate with life and joy!  You are a magnet for others.  They hover about you like moths to a flame.  Seek out the young women.  Seek out the mid-life women.  They have much to learn from you.  Just hold the space.  They will receive.  There is much in flux.  Much is not clear.  But clarity will come.  You know to live one day at a time and all will be well.  The dragon is asleep now.  You are whole.  It is time for you to tend those who are still in the nest.  They have your heart.  They are the future.  You will awaken them from sleep and help them to learn to fly.  You sit in the seat of power.  You wear the crown of rubies..  You are the Queen of Your Domain and you choose your future.  The gifts have been gathered.  The stories have been transformed.  Life from here forward is grace to you and others.  It is yours to give away or to keep.  You have lived your story and become the heroine.  The journey forward is one of offering to the world the fruit of your labor and learning.  you have the sacred keys to the treasury and it is filled with the treasure of a lifetime.  It is yours to spend or give away as you choose.  Just ask and it is yours…When I asked, I was given a long list of possible workshops!!!