An Unexpected Journey

Last December my adult daughter fell on our kitchen floor. The next morning I took her to the ER at a nearby hospital. That was the beginning of an unexpected journey that we are still on; I as her caregiver, my daughter as a person with a neurological disease that affects her central nervous system, leaving her unable to walk or use her hands. All of a sudden I found myself spending hours of every day at one hospital, then another, then back to the first one over the span of 3 months as doctors tried and failed to diagnose her, transferred her, then diagnosed her, then returned her to the first hospital to await placement at rehab.

As you might imagine, my creative urges were overwhelmed by caregiving. After 3 weeks at rehab, my daughter was released to home and into my care. That was in mid-march of 2018. As I write it is late July and I have been on a journey through anger, guilt, depression, remorse and back again. There has been little motivation to paint. I have been able to take a few online classes and even taught once. But it is only now that I begin to emerge from the shock of the trauma to my daughter and the life-changing effects it has brought to our lives. I hope to post more regularly and offer my thoughts on creativity and life as we go forward.

prism rainbow after glaze