The Visionary


I am in my fullness.  I am in full flower.  Iam ageless, passionfilled, generous and full of heart.  Mine has been a long journey but I am a Soulful Woman.  I have done my work, paid my price, lived and loved my fill.  Now I am complete.  I am openhearted and joyfilled.  I can walk any road because I have been there before.  Now I will lead with my heart and follow where it leads.

I have wisdom to spare and to share.  Come to my door and I will give it ti you.  I will stand at the street corner and call you to come and see!  Come and taste what I have to offer.  It is sweeter than honey, my word; lighter than air, my song.  Come and dance with me!  Come and play!

My face is scarred and lined with age, but I paint it with lush color.  I wear feathers in my hair.  I am dressed in my finery because I know that unless i am like a child, open and free, I shall never have love in my heart.  Come to my party and have the time of your life!  your will be changed in the wink of an eye and you will never be the same!

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