My Menu of Offerings

Soul Fire-Visionary

                                     Menu of Offerings

Red Thread Circles – Gather for an evening with other women who are looking for creative community to share inquiry, play with possibilities, and imagine a new future.

The 20 Line Face Workshop – This two hour workshop introduces the ancient yet easy to do 20 line face. For those who have never drawn a face this step by step process reveals that everyone can create a lovely, unique and colorful face.

Medicine Basket Workshop – This three hour workshop includes a Red Thread Circle and a guided meditation to discover what tools you carry with you into your life journey. Then create a poster of your own Medicine Basket to help you remember your special gifts.

Soulful Affirmation Cards Workshop – This four hour workshop helps you to turn your sad stories into glad stories which affirm the positive, life affirming path you choose to follow. 

Put Your Best Face Forward – A six hour workshop over two days to discover your Inner Diva and create a life mask of your own face to paint and decorate to reveal and remind you to “get your Diva on!”

Tea with Your Muse – A three hour workshop and tea party to introduce you to Intentional Creativity and to your inner creative spark: your Muse. Do a deep dive into guided meditation to meet your Muse, then, using a modified thirteen step painting process, paint a picture of her with acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

Intentional Creativity 13 Step Painting Workshops – These eight hour workshops issue the invitation to look within to explore old stories that no longer serve you and to explore the possibility of discovering new stories and new ways of living into a more creative life by finding who you are called to be and what you are called to create. This journey begins with inquiry, adds imagination and end with illumination: we ask the question (usually the workshop theme,) we imagine through meditation and writing, then we move to in-form- ation by bringing our new possibility into form using the 13 step guided painting process. This process of awakening to our soul’s calling is for everyone, artists and non-artists alike. Some recent 2 day workshop titles include:

Discovering Your Inner Diva 

Diving Deep and Surfacing: Finding your inner Mermaid

Calling All Angels: Revealing your Inner Messenger 

Who Would I Be If…? Seeking a vision for your life path

Dancing with Pele – Discovering your inner fire

Call Your Mother! – Embracing the Feminine Divine 

Seeking Your Heart’s Desire 

Athena-Exploring your power and strength 


Tribe! A 3 Day Journey of Discovery into belonging to self and others







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