My Artist’s Statement

Talisman: Art Queen

Artist’s Statement

I have been an artist for as long as I could hold a crayon, or brush, or pencil, or pen; nearly seven decades now. From the time I decorated the stairwell in our home with grease pencil at age 3, I have longed to create art. Through art classes in grade school, middle school and high school (where I won National Scholastic awards,) to majoring in Art Education at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA, my love of making and teaching art burned deeply inside.

Even in those early years I knew there was something sacred about art making. I knew I traveled to the same inner space when I made art as when I prayed. I had no words to describe the experience beyond “Holy.” I knew there was more to art than representing the outside world. I could do that well enough, but I also knew there was more. There were things I imagined in my mind and heart that I could not reach, but that cried out to be given form.

Many years passed as I taught art, became a wife and mother, went to Yale Divinity School and entered ordained ministry. I still sought that access to inner space as I used the arts in my ministry to develop spiritual growth with children, youth and adults. I knew intuitively that art unlocked not only creativity, but access to the Divine.

Soon after I retired from ministry in 2009, I discovered the field of Expressive Arts that, for me, held the key to unlocking access to my inner world. In the safe, nonjudgmental container of the two year Certificate Program of Expressive Arts Florida Institute in Sarasota that I felt free to explore that sacred space and the images that dwelt there. During that period of exploration I discovered the work of Pat B. Allen and Stuart Cubley who’s use of intuitive painting and writing opened the gate to exploring the inner, sacred dimensions of the creative process.

In 2015 My path lead me to Shiloh Sophia and her teaching of Intentional Creativity. It was my discovery of the Intentional Creativity Philosophy and the 13 step process of painting that culminated in the fulfillment of my search for both access to inner content and a language with which to communicate it that encompasses the sacred as well as the scientific.

Intentional Creativity uses the process of inquiry, imagination, imagery and exploration to access our creative voice, called the Muse, to guide us into giving form to our deep wisdom through guided meditation, writing and the creation of a painting using variations of the 13 step process.

Now I continue to explore the landscape of inner space in both its individual and its transpersonal nature as well as continue in the ministry of teaching others to awaken to their own creativity through sharing the Intentional Creativity Philosophy in classes held at Expressive Arts Florida and other venues. In the near future I expect to receive my Certification as a Teacher of Intentional Creativity.

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