Dream Theme

Dream Theme Worksheet

Overarching Themes

  • The overarching message I want to communicate in my workshops is : The world needs your gifts . You are creative. You belong. You are loved. You are worthy. You are a reflection of the Divine.
  • The healing transformation I want to see in the world is for us all to understand that we are all connected, unique parts of the whole.
  • The issues I see in the world are: isolation, hunger, hatred, racism, disease, climate change, division, inequality, mysogyny, poverty.

Specific Themes

  • The different themes I can see connected to what I care about are: isolation, misogyny , poverty, division, inequality
  • The workshop themes I correlate that to might be: Discovering your place in the tribe; Finding you inner diva/Goddess; Exploring your Muse; Grounded: Finding your connection to Mother Earth; Reclaiming Joy: Walking the path from grief to happiness.
  • My Beloveds are dealing with issues like: loss, grief, racism, inequality, aging, finding meaning and purpose in life; self-worth; addiction;

Dream Theme

  • If I could teach or cause anything it would be You are loved, creative, and your gifts are needed to create the world.

Personal Theme

  • If I was known as a teacher, I would love to be known and remembered helping women awaken to their Divine Center: their beauty, wisdom and creativity as well as for connecting people to their purpose.