Soulful Story Cards Red Thread Circle

On May 18th I held my first Soulful Story Cards Red Thread Thread Circle event at Expressive Arts Florida in Sarasota. Three women attended. We introduced ourselves and I stated our theme for the evening to explore the negative stories that run our lives and to transform them by discovering positive stories to take their place and create a 16 card set of affirmation cards to remind us of the new way of living our lives as we move forward to living the life we were mean to live.  I read a poem from Shiloh Sophia’s book, “Tea with the Midnight Muse,” and we passed the Red Thread around,each person naming a story that keeps them from moving ahead in some way.  We laughed as we discovered common stories!  Then, for the second round, as we cut the thread we shared a dream of the life we wanted to live that the story kept us from living.

We moved into the workspace.  Each person has a 22×30 sheet of 140 lb. pressed watercolor paper, paint, brushes, 3×5 cards and black Sharpies.  We proceed to identify our negative stories, decorate our W.C. paper, transform our stories into their positives, and make our cards.

Near the end of the session, we displayed our cards on the altar table, walked around the table silently witnessing our cards, then took turns reading the cards aloud.  I said a few closing words of affirmation and we ended for the evening.

One person said,”We has a very enlightening evening with Donna as our guide, releasing and transforming old stories.  I had many that no longer served me transformed inro positive affirmations for the future. My beautiful cards will continue to be a reminder of how my gifts will carry me forward in a positive and healthy way!”

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