My Legendary Self

What My Legend Revealed

One thing I learned is that we shine, we glow, we sparkle. It takes a lot of energy to shut it down. So why not just shine!

My Legend is “Divine Radiance.” She came as a surprise. This was the second time I painted Legend. The first time was last year when Shiloh did” Legend: Archetype.” My Legendary Self then was “The Shaman.”

Legand Archetype:Shaman

I spent a year with her, living into her truth in my life. Growing into her strength. I had no idea who would appear this time. This glowing light being is overwhelming to me.

cropped-image2She sits on my desk and looms over me nearly every day. She reminds me that I am part of all that is. I am a light, a resonance, energy. I am beautiful and awesome. I am Divine Radiance.

The Phoenix chop on the left side reminds me that I have been through the flames and have been reborn as a new creation that is radiant and is one who takes flight between worlds. I am part of the light.

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