My Legendary Self

What My Legend Revealed

One thing I learned is that we shine, we glow, we sparkle. It takes a lot of energy to shut it down. So why not just shine!

My Legend is “Divine Radiance.” She came as a surprise. This was the second time I painted Legend. The first time was last year when Shiloh did” Legend: Archetype.” My Legendary Self then was “The Shaman.”

Legand Archetype:Shaman

I spent a year with her, living into her truth in my life. Growing into her strength. I had no idea who would appear this time. This glowing light being is overwhelming to me.

cropped-image2She sits on my desk and looms over me nearly every day. She reminds me that I am part of all that is. I am a light, a resonance, energy. I am beautiful and awesome. I am Divine Radiance.

The Phoenix chop on the left side reminds me that I have been through the flames and have been reborn as a new creation that is radiant and is one who takes flight between worlds. I am part of the light.


MY Muse: She Beckons: What Muse Revealed

She beckons me into my future saying, “Come, share your love of color, your passion, your connection to everything that is. Sing my song.”

She is strong. She is of Polynesian descent and she demanded to be so. I’ve been preparing a class on Pele and so have been thinking about Hawaii and its people and stories. When I began to paint my Muse and saw she was Pele, or at least Polynesian, I asked if she would wait and return in that form later when I was ready to explore Pele and inner fire. She said a firm “NO.” So I continued to reveal her as she wished. For months I have been drawing the Pele card, so it is appropriate for my Muse to come to me this time as Pele. Creation/Destruction has been my mode for a while. The old has been replaced by new life. A life filled with passion for art, creativity and color. So she beckons me into that place to make my home among the flames, the lava rocks and the deep, blue sea. She beckons me to hear the song of the Universe as it creates and destroys and re-creates and to sing along with its ancient, primordial, melodies.



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